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Visually stunning movies Atonement

Cinematography by Seamus McGarvey

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A black crow attacks one of the Pope’s white doves.

A black crow attacks one of the Pope’s white doves.

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The way he smiled.

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baby's first words

  • baby: d-d-da..
  • father: daddy?
  • baby: dada /ˈdɑːdɑː/ or Dadaism was an art movement of the European avant-garde in the early 20th century. Many claim Dada began in Zurich, Switzerland in 1916, spreading to Berlin shortly thereafter but the height of New York Dada was the year before, in 1915.[1] To quote Dona Budd's The Language of Art Knowledge,
  • Dada was born out of negative reaction to the horrors of World War I. This international movement was begun by a group of artists and poets associated with the Cabaret Voltaire in Zurich. Dada rejected reason and logic, prizing nonsense, irrationality and intuition. The origin of the name Dada is unclear; some believe that it is a nonsensical word. Others maintain that it originates from the Romanian artists Tristan Tzara's and Marcel Janco's frequent use of the words "da, da," meaning "yes, yes" in the Romanian language. Another theory says that the name "Dada" came during a meeting of the group when a paper knife stuck into a French-German dictionary happened to point to 'dada', a French word for 'hobbyhorse'.[2]
  • The movement primarily involved visual arts, literature, poetry, art manifestoes, art theory, theatre, and graphic design, and concentrated its anti-war politics through a rejection of the prevailing standards in art through anti-art cultural works. In addition to being anti-war, Dada was also anti-bourgeois and had political affinities with the radical left.
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ph. Marili Andre

This reminds me of swamped


ph. Marili Andre

This reminds me of

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She narrowed her eyes. “What is our heart’s desire?”

Vengeance.” His voice was soft, as if he were afraid that someone might be listening. “Justice.”  Prince Doran pressed the onyx dragon into her palm with his swollen, gouty fingers, and whispered, “Fire and blood.”

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//I tell my story in reverse because it hurts//

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Murder Family media portraits

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